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Some of the interesting dive spots in Karimunjawa

Shipwreck Indonor
The Indonor is a steam-engine cargo vessel that sunk in the waters of Karimunjawa on February 7th, 1960. Before it sunk the ship was transporting coal from Palembang to Surabaya. The wreck lies quiet close to the surface which makes it a “shallow wreck”. The maximum depth is 16 meter. Possible to spot on the sight: Nudibranches, Razor fish, Crocodile fish, Ghost Shrimps, Anemone shrimps, Whip coral shrimps, Mantis Shrimps, Batfish, Snapper and Bumphead Parrotfish.
Geleang island
Geleang island is an inhabited island with an easy and colorful coral slope. Besides finding the usual corals and inhabitants you have a chance to run into a big school of Barracuda’s. You can also find Hawksbill turtles lying on the corals. The coral reef covers a long area with different depths. It is a good place to dive for divers with all types of experience levels.
Burung island
At the west side of Burung island there is a coral reef with a drop-off that goes down to around a depth of 30 meters. At this diving spot there is most time of the year some current that hits the reef. Things you might spot on the sight are Cobias, Napoleon, Barracuda and Jack Fish.
Gosong Cemara
Gosong Cemara is known for it’s beautiful coral reef. The maximum depth in the area is 27 meters. The most interesting at this dive spot you will find are the amount and the quality of the coral. You can find for example colorful Acroporas, big Gorgonias, Staghorn Coral, Coliflower Coral, Pillar Coral and Alcyonarian. Beside this you might spot: Mantis shrimp, Blue Spotted Sting Ray, Lion Fish and Eagle Ray.
Menjangan island
Menjangan is a small island located close to Karimunjawa’s main island. With a beautiful coral reef and wooden shipwreck that starts from 8 meter from the surface until 27 meter depth it is one of the interesting dive sites in Karimunjawa. The wooden ship was transporting tiles at the time it sunk. You can still find some tiles lying around the boat. By diving with the reef on your left hand side, you will find the way to the wooden ship. Thing you might see along the way are: Barracudas, Scorpion fish, Crocodile fish, Bat fish (Platax) Nudibranches and Blu Spotted Sting Ray.

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